Ave Maria School offers the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) approved subjects designed by experts at the Curriculum Research and Development Department (C.R.D.D.) of the ministries of Education, Science and Sports to be taught in Basic Schools in Ghana. We take pride in producing excellent examination results and students who could work with hands and brains.
Below are some of the subjects taught in the school. Very soon the Nursery department will adopt the Montessori Method of teaching and learning.


Mathematics is an important everyday life activity which should be studied and enjoyed. The subject is taught from nursery 1 (age 2) to Junior High school (age 14 – 15). Our aim is to incite a genuine interest and enjoyment in learning, and our teachers follow the progressive growth of the student’s mathematical abilities up to the B.E.C.E. level and above. Life is usually fun when working with numbers.


From Nursery, Natural Science is practically taught up to stage 3 (age 3 – 9). From basic 4 integrated science is taught up to basic 9 (age 10 – 15 ) most of the students enjoy the subject and a good number study it at the senior high school and to the University to specialize in either Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The school has a well equipped science Laboratory which helps to make teaching and learning of the subject interesting.


English is the most popular subject in the school and is taught from Nursery to Junior high school. It is the medium of instruction in the school and pupils learn it with ease through reading /comprehension, language study poetry, drama, composition and literature. The well equipped school library helps the students to relax and read story books coupled with the experienced teachers who take their time in teaching all the aspects.


Social studies is one of the compulsory subjects taken at the BECE. The subject consists of History, Geography, Economics, Government / civics. Despite its scope it is quite popular among the pupils. A team of experienced teachers teach the subject practically.


Ghana being an agricultural country places very much emphasis on the study of agricultural science which introduces the students of the Junior High School (J.H.S) to basic agriculture practices. These help the pupils to develop interest in modern methods of crop production etc. Students are encouraged to take the subject to the University level and become Agricultural Scientists.


The school as a private catholic established school pays much attention to the sound moral development of the pupils. Therefore R.M.E. is being taught by experienced teachers with high moral training. It is taught from basics 1 to 9.


The current world belongs to industrialization. The school therefore has highly qualified teachers who are helping the students to unearth and develop their creative minds and multiple skills in basic technology education and thus acquire basic life skills.

Other subjects.

Other subjects studied here are Pre-vocational skills, Creative and visual Arts, Twi, Ga, French, Computer Science and Physical Education which are on the time table throughout the school with two periods per week. This helps pupils to have a sound mind in a sound body.

Co-curricular activities

Academic activities in the school are heavily spiced with co-curricular activities such as Army Cadet, Girls guide, Red Cross, Cultural Dances, Music, Karate, Sport/Games and Excursions.
These activities make school life very enjoyable.