Readers' and Writers' Club

Founded in the year 2005 by Mr. Emmanuel Taw Tettey
Leader: Mr. Gabriel Ekumah
Slogan: we observe, read and write
I believe in the readers’ and writers’ club
As a member, l will be regular and punctual at any meeting
I promise that, I shall contribute to any discussion or activity
I vow that, I shall never break the laws of the club
So help me God!

  1. To write very good compositions and other forms i.e articles
  2. To appreciate literature
  3. To promote effective interactions


  1. To improve upon children’s pronunciation
  2. To stress on meaningful use of words
  3. To grammatically effect good constructionsAchievements:

A books entitled "stories from the Ave Maria School" authored by
Claude Koppoe
Sonia Haddy Sanyana
Dorcia Frempong
Elizabeth Sackey.A discussion on a typical issue – Child Labour at Asempa FM (94.7) Programme’s name: Voice Prompt Solgan: Children without boarders with presenter Nana Odoi Gyampoh on Sunday 21st July, 2008 at 12:30pm
Challenge: owing to the fact that pupils are invariable, academically driven their grooming is quite gradual.
Meetings: Every Wednesday afternoon at the school premises