Red Cross Society

The Red Cross Society is a voluntary organization which helps the sick and the suffering. It was formed by a Swiss citizen called Sir Jean Henri Dunant in 1863.
The Ghana Red Cross Society also started as a league of maternal and child welfare by Dr. Selvoyn Selioyn Clark in 1929. In 1932 it was changed to the Gold Coast branch of the British Red Cross Society. When Ghana attained independence in 1957, the society became Ghana Red Crosss.

Ave Maria Red Cross link was formed in 1993. It was the first club to be formed in the school, with two-thirds of the population as its members. Presently due to the other clubs formed in the school the total number has decreased.

Aim: The main aim is to give first aid to nose bleeding, fracture and unconsciousness.
Motto: We need to know

Activities/Training: They give cadet and leadership training to members and organize games between other schools.
Meeting: Every Wednesday afternoon at the school premises.