Rules and Guideline

The following rules and regulations contained in this write up is to give parents and students/pupils the information about the school’s code of conduct /regulations /rules /discipline. It also seeks to provide a framework for running the school effectively in order to promote the good image of Ave Maria School.


NURSERY – KG - 0630 Hours to 1430 Hours
PRIMARY - 0730 Hours to 1530 Hours
JHS 1 & 2 - 0730 Hours to 1600 Hours
JHS 3 - 0700 Hours to 1730 Hours



  1. All children should e in school by 0730 hours. A special effort should e made by all children to be punctual and regular. Arrival at school after 0800 Hours will not be tolerated. Parents /Guardians should ensure that their children/wards come to school on time and are picked up at the right time. All pupils waiting to be picked y parent/ guardians shall wait under the trees.
  2. Silence Hour period shall r 0730 Hours for all pupils/students. It shall be observed by every member of the school.
  3. Parents /Guardians picking up their children after 1700 Hours shall be liable to a fine. This amount will be thrown to the PTA for an agreed figure by the house.


  1. The pass mark in an exam shall be 55%
  2. Students shall be promoted based on a pass in at least six subjects.
  3. Students who do not pass shall be made to repeat their classes.
  4. A student who fails (2) for two consecutive times shall be expelled from the school.


  1. All home work exercises must be done at home.
  2. All pupils/students must have their Home work signed by parents/guardians.
  3. Students are not expected to sign their own work and if found to have done so will be disciplined accordingly.


  1. Children must attend all classes
  2. Any child redrawn from the school must be notified to Management in writing failure which may lead to the child being billed wrongly and also mean violating of contract with the school
  3. P. E is compulsory for all except those excused by a doctor
  4. Children are expected to do homework regularly
  5. Examination and other forms of assessment are compulsory for all pupils/students.
  6. Students found in possession of unprescribed clothes and kits such as Laptops, radio, gameboy, recorders etc would have them confiscated.


  1. All nails shall be kept short and neat without any nail polish
  2. All pupils /students shall wear Ave Maria customized socks
  3. Students /pupils shall not be permitted to wear rings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces. The only exceptions are wristwatch, earrings and rosary rings.
  4. No student/pupil shall be permitted to wear makeup, face powder, lipstick, mascara and lip shine. Only lip gloss without glitters shall be allowed.
  5. All hair shall be kept short and neat. Girls shall be permitted to braid /plait their hair up to Stage Six (6) Chemicals in the hair shall not be permitted.
  6. All boys shall wear their shorts on their waist and tucked in, the “Otto fister”style shall not be permitted.
  7. All torn buttons shall e fixed in place
  8. All shirts/pinafore shall be worn below the knee
  9. Only foot wear with low heels shall be allowed
  10. Section colours for P.E kit and canvas shoes shall e worn for P.E


  1. Students shall respond to bell/drum promptly.
  2. The front verandah shall not be used by students/pupils except when visiting any office facility located on the front verandah.
  3. Mobile phones, laptops, walkman or any other computerized device shall not be permitted
  4. Stealing, fighting, bullying, teasing and cheating in exams/tests, verbal assaults, foul language, Pidgin English shall constitute an offence.
  5. Running around is not permitted except during P.E lessons
  6. Every Pupil/Student is to stand still whenever the national and school anthems are being sang.
  7. Students /Pupils shall greet teachers when they meet/come into contact with them.
  8. Pupils/Students are not to litter the classrooms or the compound. Every litter shall be placed in the litter bin.
  9. Pupils/students shall put up their hands when desire to ask/make contributions in class
  10. Borrowing and lending from others shall constitute an offence
  11. Gambling in any form is not allowed
  12. Noise making on the compound is not allowed
  13. Places of convenience must e used with decency.
  14. Instructional time shall not be wasted
  15. Pupils/students shall not run errands for teachers during instructional/contact hours
  16. Visitors are not allowed into the classroom except on open day. Visitors are to seek permission from the Headmistress and to wait under the trees.
  17. Pupils/students shall talk/speak politely to teachers and their friends.
  18. Smoking and drug abuse shall not be permitted
  19. Possession of dangerous weapons like knives, guns and matches shall be an offence punishable by suspension to be decided by a disciplinary committee.

20. Pupils/students shall not leave the school during school hours without permission


  1. Pupils/students shall not write on table, chair, wall and the louvers.
  2. Food and drink shall not be sent to the classroom, computer, science Lab and library
  3. Library books shall be properly handled
  4. A child who destroys school property if caught shall pay for the cost of replacement or repair.


  1. Every pupil/student shall belong to a club and a house in the school.
  2. All pupils/students shall take part in sporting activities except pupils/students who cannot do so on medical grounds. Evidence of this shall be produced and submitted to the Headmistress.


  1. All fees shall be paid in full before mid-term
  2. Fees defaulters shall not be allowed entry into the compound
  3. Parents/Guardians are advised to begin paying fees before school re-opens – The accounts office is always opened during vacation.


  1. Class exercises shall be compulsory for every child
  2. Permission shall be sought before a child absents himself/herself from school.
  3. A child who absents himself/herself for two weeks or more without permission shall be considered to be withdrawn.
  4. No pupil /student shat absent himself/herself for s lesson /exercise without permission.