The Ave Maria Preschool Department is child-centered, with a curriculum developed around the needs and abilities of the child. We also focus on leveraging innate childhood traits such as curiosity, creativity, self-discovery, the need for order and the desire to respond to sensorial input to develop our learners’ potential.

Academic Subjects

Nursery :

  • 1. Literacy (Rhymes, Poems,
    Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing Activities)

  • 2. Numeracy

  • 3. Creativity

Kindergarten :

  • 1. Languages and Literacy

  • 2. Numeracy

  • 3. Creativity

  • 4. Our World Our People

  • 5. Grammar

  • 6. Phonics

  • 7. Phonemics

Hands-On Approach

We provide a hands-on approach in the delivery of our lessons. Lessons are more practical-based and learner-centered. We guide our students to gain knowledge through experience.

This involves manipulating of the objects they are studying such as plants, rocks, water, magnetic field, scientific instruments, calculators and shapes.

Nuturing Environment

We provide a nurturing environment where our students are listened to and can feel safe and protected. Our guidance and counselling team provides the avenue for students to share their challenges and obtain the needed professional advice from our team of professionals.

Our serene and clean environment is a safe haven for our students. Our students feel safe within the school premises. Our 24/7 professional security team protects all within the premises. Creating a safe, nurturing place where all children can grow and develop their unique gifts is a responsibility we do not take for granted.

Key Features

Modern Spacious Classrooms

Small class

Playground Equipment

extracurricular activities

Healthy School

24 Hour

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